2017 Fall Core Classes


Core Classes at Shoreline are designed to train us as we grow in Christ, so that we'll be equipped to live out our faith so that others will be drawn to Christ through our lifestyle and testimony.

Each class will last 8 weeks, and will consist of a doctrinal, relational, financial, and parenting offering.

Doctrinal Classes: Instruction in Bible Doctrine and Theology.

Relational Classes: Instruction in allowing the Bible to inform and transform the way we relate to others in our family and community. We’re incredibly excited to see how God will use these classes to grow and mature our church family, and to see the change that he brings in our personal devotions, our relationships, and our church.

Financial Classes: Instruction in biblical teaching on how we steward the financial resources that God gives us.

Parenting Classes: Instruction in how the Bible informs how we lead and parent our children.

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Questions? Email Julie Schulze at julie@shorelineknox.com.

Doctrinal Track



We will be discussing the theology of prayer. In this study we will cover topics such as: what is prayer, why do we pray, how do we pray, what does a disciplined prayer life look like, and so forth. The goal is to come to the end of this study and have a clear biblical understanding of what prayer is and how we can personally have a disciplined prayer life.


Relational Track


Henry Bieber

“How are you trying to find significance in your life? Achieving more? Seeking others approval? This bible study has helped thousands find the truth about who they are and whose they are. This study will help us understand why our quests for meaning haven’t brought lasting happiness. It’ll help us get off the performance treadmill and build our self-worth on God’s truth and not our own past understanding. We can’t just dismiss a negative belief, we have to replace it with the truth said about us by the One who created us. Let’s learn and grow together through this study!

Book Purchase: $15


Stewardship Track



“You can take control of your money!” In fact financial stewardship is one of the most talked about subjects in Scripture! When it comes to managing money, this class will teach you how to Become Debt Free: Pay off your credit cards, car loans, mortgage, and student loans. Prepare for the Future: Save for financial emergencies and confidently plan for retirement. Get on a Plan Together: Create a budget that actually works for you AND your spouse.

Financial Peace University Workbook: $93/individual or couple.
Please purchase your materials for the class by visiting this website BEFORE the class begins. ($50 will be reimbursed to those couples or individuals who finish the class).


Parenting Track


Brandon Kennedy

Feel like your kids are drowning in a sea of new questions, apps, and devices? Want to talk about digital media more with your kids, but aren’t sure how? Help is here. Right Click will help you think and talk differently about digital media, as you navigate these ever-changing waters day after day. The goal of Right Click is to equip your family to approach this over connected world like a team. It will help you develop relationships, not rules. Supervision, not surveillance. And best of all, a plan that works without making media - or you - the enemy.