Kingdom Come

The Kingdom of God is something that we as believers stake our hope in. It is both present and future (Luke 17:20-21). Kingdom Come is a call for Shoreline and its people to ask for God’s Kingdom to come on Earth. This means having a heart like Jesus, it means reaching
those in need, and it means attempting great things for God.

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Calendar Of Events

Sunday Morning Worship Gatherings

Join us each Sunday at 9:15 or 10:45 AM during the month of October as we dive into the Lord's Prayer and see exactly how Jesus teaches his disciples, and us, to pray. Each week, we'll dive into a specific verse into the Lord's Prayer and let it guide us as we pray throughout the week.

Wednesday Evening Prayer Services

Each Wednesday at 6:30 PM during our Kingdom Come series, we'll come together for prayer and worship as we seek the Lord. These will be guided prayer times, led by our staff and elders. Come join with others as we look toward what God may have for you and for us as a church in this season. Childcare is available.

Share Sunday

On Sunday, October 29, we’ll have a Share Service for you to share how God has been speaking to you. In obtaining this information on our Share Cards, we’ll be able to better see how God is moving among our church. As a result, we’ll be better positioned to minister to each other. This information will also prompt us to explore new church ministries and/or come alongside you in your personal ministries. The goal is not to necessarily understand every detail, but to simply share what you can and move towards taking a first step of obedience.

 Click image above to view all the one-day offering projects.

Click image above to view all the one-day offering projects.

One-Day Offering

In order to accomplish all that God is leading us into, it will require faith and sacrifice. It will require our time, passions, energy, and finances. It’s for this reason that we ask partners and others connected to our church to faithfully give.

As a part of that commitment, we are asking everyone to prayerfully participate in a special One-Day Offering that will be in conjunction with our Share Service on October 29.