In the fall of 2015, we asked each person to take a step of faith toward creating the future for Shoreline Church. We reflected back on the garden of Eden, and Adam's role in the creation of the world. We saw that the garden was Adam's responsibility - to work in and take care of. The animals were Adam's choice - the opportunity to set a future into motion for everything around him. Today, God is still speaking the words of creation to us: "Let there be."


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Celebrating What God Did

Because of your faithfulness in listening to God's call through our Let There Be initiative, we saw:

8 New Groups Formed

32 People Sent Out To Hope Fellowship

12 People Pursuing Mid-Long Term Missions

48 New Volunteers Serving On Sunday

$650,453.50 Given In A One-Day Offering

One-Day Offering

At the end of Let There Be, we took a one-day offering to be able to soften the impact of the down payment on our facility, as well as complete much needed renovations. Because of your faithful giving, we exceeded our goal of $650,000.

Tier 1 Renovations

Parking/Kids Entrance - $175,000
Worship Center Improvements - $125,000
Lobby/General Improvements - $50,000
Building Purchase Down Payment - $300,00
TOTAL - $650,000

Tier 2 Renovations (Coming 2017)

Next-Gen Space - $100,000
Courtyard/Relocated Playground - $100,000

What We've Already Done

Worship Center Renovations

Lobby Renovations


What's Still To Come

Pave Gravel Lot / Create Separate Kids Entrance

Next Generation Worship Space

Playground Relocation