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What is Life Group Connect?

Life Group Connect is a 6-week class to help people begin the process of connecting with others to form new Life Groups. Our hope is that new groups will form from within the participants present in Life Group Connect.

Two groups are available at both 9:15 and 10:45 AM. One group will be for those between 20-40 years old. The other group will be for those age 40 and above.

Who can attend?

People not currently involved in a Life Group. The purpose of Life Group Connect is to form a Life Group(s) out of the 6-week class.

What will be the content for Life Group Connect?

This time will consist of fellowship as well as discussion related to recent sermons. Every week it should be stated that this is a temporary class with the purpose of forming new Life Groups that will meet together for at least 1 year.

Who will lead Life Group Connect?

Recruited leaders that have a background with Shoreline and with leading groups.

When will it begin?

Life Group Connect will begin on September 24 and will conclude on November 5.

Email Julie Schulze ( with any questions.