May 26-July 28, The Bridge will meet on Sundays at 10:30 AM and will be for Middle School and High School

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Our purpose & passion is to see students become rooted in Christ and grow to be influential for His Kingdom. We aim to shatter the stereotype that church is boring. During our middle school worship gathering, the Bridge (meets during 10:30 AM service), everything is fun! The setting, volunteer leaders, music, and games are all aimed at helping kids have a great time. Most importantly, the messages are meant to help students engage and understand how the Bible actually applies to their lives.

In addition to The Bridge, life groups are at the heart of our ministry, providing the opportunity to build authentic and lasting friendships. We envision a group of students living fruitful and prosperous lives of ministry and we know that this vision will only be met when students are given the opportunity to plant their lives in Jesus.

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The Rising is a monthly gathering for both middle and high school students marked by fun, music, and practical teaching from the Bible. The Rising is a great place for newcomers to check out our Student Ministry. The Rising begins at 6:30 PM.

The Rising Spring 2019 Dates:

will be announced soon!

This Summer, Join us for Summer Nights! Details below.

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6th Grade Boot Camp

Boot Camp is our annual event to induct new sixth graders into middle school. We head to Wilderness of the Smokies in Sevierville, TN for a week packed with high-energy sessions, worship, teaching, small group time, games, and lots of fun! Don't miss this opportunity for your student to create memories with their new life group that will serve as the foundation for their time in Shoreline Students.

Date: July 22-26

Location: Wilderness of the Smokies

Cost: $300

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Join us every Wednesday Night this summer for Summer Nights! We’ll meet at Shoreline at 6:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Schedule of Events:

June 5: Camp Reflection Night

June 12: Kickball

June 19: Capture the Flag

June 23-26: Shoreline FX

July 3: 4th of July Week - No Student Activities

July 10: Messy Game Night-Slip-n-Slide

July 17: Movie Night

July 22-26: 6th Grade Boot Camp

July 24: Group Night

July 31: End of Summer Bash

What weekly meetings are offered for 6-8th graders?
Grades 6-8 meet weekly for The Bridge on Sundays at 9:45am in the student room. Grade and gender specific life groups meet immediately after the message on Sundays. 

How does drop-off and pick-up work?
For this age group, we allow parents and students to coordinate whatever plan works best for their family. Most parents allow their students to make their way up to the student room on their own and set up a specified meeting place to reconnect after the service. Some parents bring their students up to the student room and return to pick them up. There is no official check-in/check-out system for grades 6-8.

How do Life Groups work?
There is a specific life group for each grade that are broken down by gender. Groups remain with the same kids and leaders year after year. Groups typically meet weekly on Sundays in the Bridge during the school year and summer. 

How do Life Groups start? 
Most of our life groups are launched at the beginning of 6th grade with the aim of staying together through high school graduation. They are formed based on several factors including geography, schools, and friendships. When we launch new life groups, leave space for each group to add members along the way. Students can sign up for life groups by filling out an Info Form at the Bridge. New 6th grade groups start during our sixth grade event Boot Camp, but anyone can join at anytime throughout the year.

How do students get connected mid-year?
Students can sign up for life groups by filling out an Info Form at The Bridge. We will immediately add newcomers to the life group that makes the most sense based on geography, schools, and friendships. Volunteer leaders will connect via phone or email with new students/parents with that specific life group information.

What role do parents play in Shoreline Student Ministries?
We firmly believe that the parent(s) is the primary discipler of their children, the home is the primary place to make disciples, and a biblically-based home is the most important component of a healthy society. Parents lay the foundation. We believe our job is support and affirm that foundation with a team of non-parental, committed adults (staff and volunteer leaders) who will be voices of truth and encouragement working "in stereo" with the efforts of parents. The best things parents can do is to connect with and invest in their student's leaders. Invite them into your family and include them as a trusted partner in your parenting adventure.

Who are the volunteers that are leading Life Groups?
Our Student Ministry team is comprised of more than 20 individuals who are committed to investing in the lives of students for a number of years. All of our leaders are young adults or young marrieds in their 20's or 30's who are members or in the process of becoming members at Shoreline Church. To ensure the well-being of our students, each leader has completed an application, interview, and background check. They have answered questions about their testimony, family, personality, and current relationship with the Lord as well as any history of exposure to abuse, alcohol, or drugs. Applicants are also required to submit at least two references with their application.

What types of retreats and events are offered for 6-8th graders?
We have several events and retreats throughout the year meant to bond the group and help kids grow in their relationship with Christ. Typically these include a summer event for new sixth graders (called Boot Camp), each fall we a big all night event Lockout, during the spring we host a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament for all middle schoolers in our community, and summer we go to Summer Camp, where students focus on the gospel with their friends for an entire week. 

Who do I contact if I have more questions about Shoreline Student Ministries?
You can email Turner Matthews at