Some of Jesus' most significant ministry took place on or near the shoreline. Our prayer is that Shoreline will be a church that experiences Jesus in a similar way. We also know that historically the shoreline has served as a hub of activity and refreshment for communities around the world. Again, our goal for Shoreline is to be a source of life, renewal, and intimate encounters with God.


We're focused on implementing our core values in the following ways:

A commitment to teaching and application of the Bible.

A commitment to moving members into ongoing small groups.

A commitment to vertical, Christ-centered worship.

A commitment to developing leaders in the church and marketplace.

A commitment to intentional and relational evangelism.

A commitment to prayer and fasting.

A commitment to streamlined, effective programming.

A commitment to marriages and families.

A commitment to loving and serving each other and our community.

A commitment to mission work across the globe.