Saturday, May 20 | 8:30-11:30 AM

The Prayer & Care Team at Shoreline is critical to ensuring that our partners are covered in prayer, and are having their spiritual needs met. This meeting is for both existing team members, as well as anyone looking to join.

Come join us for some good fellowship and connection as we train and prepare for ministry together! Coffee and a light breakfast are provided, and we'll be done in plenty of time to get Saturday chores done.

Things We'll Discuss:
- Using the example of the Good Samaritan, we'll explore 4 questions that should be considered as we're ministering to people here at Shoreline.
- We'll learn a model for engaging people in conversations about their lives and bringing the Gospel message to the conversation in a way that makes it personal to the hearer.
- We’ll consider together the best way to implement care here at Shoreline to newcomers, old-timers, those hurting and in need of encouragement and prayer and those that need to experience the power of the Gospel in their lives.

Contact Henry Bieber at with any questions.