Prayer Of The Hurting

safely I slept
safely I kept to the land
Your voice
beckoned my ship
to part from the grip of the sand

I’d heard
the promising songs
where skies filled with glory abound!
how then
shall I regard
the storming of sudden-dark clouds?

sails rip
tearing me down
bearing down water and rage
my voice drowning out
lost to the beat of the waves

where were You then? 
if not You, then whom would I call? 
You knew
the waters would rise!
why fall asleep in the hull?

fear to my heart
hopelessness, keeping at bay
worse still:
“is this who You are?”
suspicion that I’ve been betrayed

O God
do you not hear
the cries of this deafening pain? 
how long -
soul in despair -
must I cry out Your name?

wait... wait...
aching I wait
sorrow that I cannot bear
the end of myself
voice of your mercy I hear:

"I know
every wound -
they are scars on my hand
I bled
every tear
grace streaming down from my head

I held
every grief -
not one of your prayers is lost
Man of Sorrows
bearing your hurt to the cross"

Who then
have I on earth
or who in the heavens above?
it's You
lord over all
lord of the storm, lord of love

or You allowed
the force of this tireless sea
help me
trust that somehow
in this, You are molding me

calling to You
believing You hear my plea
help me
trust in Your means
to ends that only You see

pain is still here
and tears have yet to relent
right now
right where I stand
none of these days You've misspent

I long for sun
clear sky and redeeming breeze
not seen
often for days
hope has been found on my knees

give me
peace for my soul
strength in this current distress
as You desire
sustain me, teach me, and bless


A Film By
Brian Zimmerman &
Jeremiah Reynolds


In Partnership With
Shoreline Church


Poem By
Jason Dyba &
Jason Hayes