We are excited to announce an upcoming sabbatical for Jason and his family!

Sabbatical Plan FAQs

What is the purpose of sabbatical?

To rest, reflect, be renewed, and clarify vocational and missional objectives for the next chapter of his ministry.

When is Jason’s sabbatical?

June 27 - August 1

What will be involved in his sabbatical?

The time will be a combination of focused time of rest and also some time in travel. These “focused times” will involve days of reflection and study, with the day being spent in a combination of solitude and rest, as well as different activities each week that are known to bring him life as a Christian and not just a pastor.

What are the benefits of a sabbatical for Jason and his family?

  • Rest from the challenges of 7+ years as the planter/founder/visionary leader and primary preaching pastor of Shoreline Church, as well as 13 years of ministry prior.

  • Opportunity to be reminded of his identity in Christ apart from his role with the church.

  • Space for clear thinking as to what is most important in pastoring a now established, growing, and multiplying local church.

  • A time for Carrie, Hayden, Henley, and Hyatt to see Jason as husband and dad apart from his pastoral role, and to have extended times of being together as a mile marker for the kids’ childhood.

What are the benefits of a sabbatical for Shoreline?

  • Jason’s renewed spiritual health and vitality empowers the church for mission and protects the church from the dangers of temptation that comes through the exhaustion of its leaders

  • Provides vision for how Jason’s gifts and time are best utilized in our current church climate in our next season of ministry

  • A clear picture of the church as a body and family apart from its founding pastor

  • Growth in the staff’s ability to see vision and implement it, especially as Corey Mayfield and Chuck Hooten serve as primary leaders

Who will be leading in Jason’s absence?

  • A number of our staff will be teaching on Sunday mornings

  • Oversight of staff and day to day operation: Corey Mayfield

  • Communication with elders: Corey Mayfield and Chuck Hooten

Can we still connect with Jason while he is away?

The objective is for Jason to disengage from the entanglements of leadership. To do so requires absence from the church office, elder meetings, and all email and phone communication. Jason plans to disengage from almost all online activity, including social media and email. He will check in on phone calls and texts a couple of times a day but will not be carrying a cell phone whenever possible. Jason would like to be made aware if/when deaths or major emergencies arise within the church. Elders will determine when/what would constitute an emergency.

If you have any other questions about this Sabbatical or need assistance in Jason’s absence, please email Corey Mayfield.