Beginning September 9, we will be transitioning to THREE services!

8:30 | 9:45 | 11:00am


What are we doing?

We are transitioning to three worship gatherings beginning on September 9. Times will be 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00am.

Why are we doing this?

Because we need to make space for those whom God is bringing to our church. We are quickly nearing capacity in our children, student, and worship areas and want to make sure that we can effectively serve and shepherd those God is bringing to Shoreline. We are also nearing capacity in our parking lots.

How long will our worship gatherings be?

Services may be 5-10 minutes shorter to accommodate quicker turnaround times. However, we do not plan to minimize musical worship, teaching, openness to the Spirit, etc. We will tighten up other elements (transitions, welcome, announcements) in order to maximize the time we have together. We are also adding tools such as texting, video announcements, and an updated weekly email to maximize our communication throughout the week.

What about children and middle school students?

We love our children and want them to have a full and rich experience as they encounter Jesus each week. Because of this, we will offer specific times of teaching and care for kids (birth-5th grade) in all three hours. Our middle school students will meet for life groups at 9:45am. Thus, middle school parents will get first selection on volunteer opportunities during that hour. We hope middle school students will worship with their parents in another hour.

Which gathering should I attend?

Most likely, 9:45 will be very appealing to a lot of folks. That’s great! If that’s best for you, go for it! But if you’re flexible, choose our 8:30 or 11:00 gathering. With that said, don’t feel stuck to a certain service on a week to week basis. Allow this new schedule to increase your attendance. Need some sleep? Come at 11:00. Need to get to your next commitment? Come at 8:30.

Will one of the services feel empty?

Based on our initial surveys, we are hopeful that we’ll be fairly well distributed over all three gatherings. We will monitor it as we go and may ask some people to consider shifting to another hour if needed. We are also adding a few design elements in the worship center to make it feel more intimate and enhance togetherness.

Will we feel rushed?

Although we may have a tad less time together between services at our seats, we are creating several environments in the building to enhance our togetherness as a church. This includes a new transition area in the back of the worship center, an expanded playground with shade tents, and possibly, a new volunteer lounge.

Do we still park in the same place?

Most everyone can continue to park in the same areas. However, we need grandparents and volunteers without children to refrain from parking in our lower lot. Please leave those spaces available for young families.

Does it matter which service college students attend?

Obviously, you are welcome to join us for any of our gatherings, but our recommendation would be to worship at 11:00. This might help our crowd distribution, but more importantly, it allows us to connect with you after the 11:00 service for lunches and other activities. College students can serve at 9:45 if desired.

Do you need more volunteers?

Yes! We need those of you who are serving sporadically to become regulars. And we need those who aren’t serving at all to begin immediately. View all of our opportunities and then email Julie Schulze or visit Connection Point to begin placement.

Will we feel disconnected from people in other gatherings?

In most cases, connection is directly correlated to the effort you put into it. Our hope is that everyone is serving in an hour and worshipping in a different hour. If that’s the case, you should cross paths with folks from at least one other worship time. In addition, we are already beginning to plan a few unique services (outdoors and/or off campus) to bring us all together on occasion.

Is there anything else you need?

We humbly ask you to make every effort to arrive on time and then sit as close to the front as you’re comfortable. Along with this, beginning September 9, you may check children into their environments at any time. You won’t need to wait until the worship gathering before you has concluded.

What if it doesn’t seem to work?

No problem at all. We’ll adjust as needed! Success won’t be defined by what we do in this season but rather who we are in this season. We’ll keep working hard to be who God wants us to be as a church, and then we’ll try our best to figure out the rest. We may stick with this schedule for 30 days or 30 years. We just don’t know. But we’re excited to see what He has for us next.