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Life Groups are our way of forming intentional relationships with one another. There's a group for every person, age group, and life stage. Find your group today!


In January, we laid out our vision for 2017 through a 5-week series called SHINE. This year, we want to take Jesus' words in Matthew 5 seriously as we seek to shine our light to the world.

Shepherd The Flock Of God

August 13, 2016 // 1 Peter // Jason Hayes

1 Peter is an encouragement to believers to be witness to a dying world, even in the midst of suffering. We are to hope and pray that they might taste and see Christ.

C20 - College & 20s

The fall semester has arrived, and that means that C20 is kicking back off! C20 is for all of Shoreline college & 20-somethings. We'll kick back off on September 6 at 8:30 PM.

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Mom Life

For moms of all ages, Mom Life is designed to give you the opportunity to share the ups and downs of motherhood with others. The fall semester begins on Thursday, September 7. Plus, it's free!

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Nicaragua Mission trip

This December, we'll be returning to serve our partnering community in Nicaragua. Join us for an informational meeting on Sunday, September 3 at 10:30 AM.

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