In Shoreline Students, we strive to lead students to become passionate about Jesus’ fame and renown. By partnering with parents and trained leaders, our mission is for students to know Jesus and make Him known through gospel, community, and mission.

Questions about student ministry? Contact Turner Matthews.

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The Rising

This is our monthly Wednesday evening worship service for middle and high school students. This evening consists of worship, teaching, and time of discussion among each other with the guidance of qualified leaders. Our hope is that students will find this time to be challenging and refreshing to their faith.

Fall Rising Schedule:

August 7

September 4

October 2

November 13

December 4

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Fall Retreat

October 18-20, middle school and high school students will have a blast hanging out with new and old friends at Ocoee Ridge Camp! More than fun and games though, students will have the opportunity to shift their focus from their everyday distractions and focus on Jesus. We hope your student will be there to join us!


When? October 18-20

Where? Ocoee Ridge Camp

How much? Sign up by September 15 for the early-bird price of $75. On September 16, the cost will be $100.

Middle School Gathering

Sunday Mornings | 10:45 | Student Room

Every Sunday morning, our middle school students gather for a time or teaching and worship designed specifically for them. During this hour, students will have a chance to worship together, to learn and study the Word of God together, and to discuss relevant life issues with their peers. Our hope is that this opportunity allows students to go deeper with each other, their leaders, and most importantly, God.

High School Gathering

Sunday Evenings | 5:00 | Student Room

Every Sunday evening, our high school students gather for a time of games, teaching, and life groups. We want the the namesake of this gathering to be a reality for our students. It is our prayer that students become anchored in their relationship with Jesus in high school before they move on to college or the workforce.

What is The Rising?
The Rising is a monthly gathering for middle and high school students marked by fun, music, and practical teaching from the Bible.

Why does The Rising only meet once a month? 
When it comes to environments for spiritual growth, we think circles are better than rows. Therefore, we want our students to spend more time in life groups rather than the rows on a Wednesday night. This is why life groups are at the heart of our ministry.

How do Life Groups work? 
There is a specific life group for each grade that are broken down by gender. Groups remain with the same kids and leaders year after year.

How do Life Groups start? 
Most of our life groups are launched at the beginning of 6th grade with the aim of staying together through high school graduation. They are formed based on several factors including geography, schools, and friendships. When we launch new life groups, we leave space for each group to add members along the way. Students can sign up for life groups at any time. New 6th grade groups start during our sixth grade event Boot Camp, but anyone can join at anytime throughout the year.

What role do parents play in Shoreline Student Ministries?
We firmly believe that the parent(s) is the primary discipler of their children, the home is the primary place to make disciples, and a biblically based home is the most important component of a healthy society. Parents lay the foundation. We believe our job is support and affirm that foundation with a team of non-parental, committed adults (staff and volunteer leaders) who will be voices of truth and encouragement working "in stereo" with the efforts of parents. The best things parents can do is to connect with and invest in their student's leaders. Invite them into your family and include them as a trusted partner in your parenting adventure.

Who are the volunteers that are leading Life Groups?
Our Student Ministry team is comprised of more than 20 individuals who are committed to investing in the lives of students for a number of years. All of our leaders are young adults or young marrieds in their 20's or 30's who are members or in the process of becoming members at Shoreline Church. To ensure the well-being of our students, each leader has completed an application, interview, and background check. They have answered questions about their testimony, family, personality, and current relationship with the Lord as well as any history of exposure to abuse, alcohol, or drugs. Applicants are also required to submit at least two references with their application.

Who do I contact if I have more questions about Shoreline Student Ministries?
You can email Turner Matthews at