The word commitment is losing its effect in our culture! We believe when the Lord leads a person to engage fully as a Christian in the life of a local church, we should commit to one another to be a part of a healthy church. Partnership is our term for membership, but that’s more than just a clever switch of terminology. Partnership is a commitment to lifestyle and mission.

At a Shoreline 101 class, you’ll learn all about our history, mission, vision, doctrine, and commitments. If partnership is for you, you’ll meet a few new people and briefly share your story. We ask partners to commit to a covenant as well. We also distribute a copy of "What We Believe" and some guiding concepts to establishing church governance.

Shoreline 101

Our next Shoreline 101 class will take place on October 22 and 29 during the 10:45 AM worship hour. To register, fill out the form below. Email Julie Schulze at with any questions.

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