At the end of His time on Earth, Jesus gave his disciples a charge to go into all the world and make more disciples. In essence, He was asking His followers to replicate themselves by showing others how to live like He had taught them. Jesus invited His disciples to walk with Him, to live with Him, and to imitate Him by watching the way He lived.

As a church, Shoreline aims to provide you the opportunity to experience this relational aspect of Jesus’ ministry as well. Life groups are Jesus-centered communities of fellowship and relationship building. This is how you can know others and be known fully. A life group is a community of usually around 10-20 friends and neighbors who meet regularly in each other’s homes. Each group serves as a hub for care and prayer where the body of Christ can rally around one another through times of joy and sorrow.

Interested in joining a group? Contact Corey Mayfield, Pastor of Partner Connections.